Friday, 15 August 2008

Just a Short One!

Well I am just posting today for the sake of it really, my house is a state with beads, fabric and clothes everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! Yesterday I speant alot of the time browsing the net for some inspiration, I finally decided to make some cute little cloth bunnies and my sewing machine decided to give up (typical)

Anyway lots to do as usual. If you have time, check out some of the blogs I have added to my list, they are well worth a read. Carlton's blog is fab, a really funny read about the day in the life of an ethnic bunneh as told by Carlton himself. There's also Thea's blog, she is an extremely talented artist and her work is fantastic.

Will be back soon!
Just experimenting with pics, here is one on Rory to keep you going, awww!!!!


Thea Schultheiss said...

Great stuff and thanky you for the linky! *BLUSH*

Eeee look at Rory's little face... he really is delectable!!


PJ said...

I came over here from Carlton Jamal's blog and I have to say, you look like you're suffering from over-beep of the schnozzle. I know it must be tiring to for you but your hoomin must have happy feets right now. Cheerio!