Monday, 18 August 2008

Hello, its been mayhem here in the attic. I have been experimenting with fabric alot, seeing what I can come up with and I have to say I am quite pleased with the results. After my first attempt at making a bunny, and not being very successful, I thought I would be brave and have another go. Here he is...

Overall I am happy with him however, I am still having trouble with the feet. After trying lots of different techniques this is what I came up with...

Yep, thats right. I decided to leave out the feet as it was so much easier!

I have also been inspired by wall hangings and wanted to have a go at creating my own. I am pleased with the results.

Here is another one.
Anyway, that will be it for my fabric creations until I can get to the shops. I broke TWO needles today but thats fine as I figured out how to sew buttons on using my machine so all in all a good week.
Speak soon!

Friday, 15 August 2008

OK, well it looks like my machine was just over tired from all yesterdays hard work (know how it feels) It seems to be working fine now and I even managed to make a few..well.. urm not sure what they are really but was just experimenting with ideas I saw on the net.

Here is my first attempt at a bunny,

Quite happy with the pattern I made but will need to make a few adjustments.

I went on to have a go at making a doll, not sure how I feel about this as I was making it up as I went along, I weighted the bottom so at least it can be used as a door stop!

I have been also playing with some glass jars I had lurking in the cupboard. I think they make lovely tealight holders! (One for the attic me thinks!)

Just a Short One!

Well I am just posting today for the sake of it really, my house is a state with beads, fabric and clothes everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! Yesterday I speant alot of the time browsing the net for some inspiration, I finally decided to make some cute little cloth bunnies and my sewing machine decided to give up (typical)

Anyway lots to do as usual. If you have time, check out some of the blogs I have added to my list, they are well worth a read. Carlton's blog is fab, a really funny read about the day in the life of an ethnic bunneh as told by Carlton himself. There's also Thea's blog, she is an extremely talented artist and her work is fantastic.

Will be back soon!
Just experimenting with pics, here is one on Rory to keep you going, awww!!!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

New to all this!

Well, I am in the process of setting up my own small business and thought it might be interesting to creat a blog at the same time. It's definetly going to be interesting, thats for sure. So today, well not much to tell, at this moment I am in bed, ill and feeling rather sorry for myself but, hey ho lots to do and that's just how I like it.
So far, for my shop, I have collected my stock, made a few rather cute items of jewellery, if I do say so myself and I am now in the middle of listing it. Well, I was until I discovered blogging that is. I am looking forward to sharing all of this with anyone interested enough to read my blog, I might be able to convince a few family members to cast a quick glance in this direction. So, I suppose I should introduce myself then, is this how it works?
My name is Tracy and I am 30 years old. I live Lincolnshire where I share my home with my Husband and my beautiful little bundles of fluff, my house rabbits Rory, Lola and Mimi (you will be hearing much more about them later I suspect) I am currently working in a small village school and I love it! I have been crafting for many years, making anything from my own clothes, fancy dress costumes, to doll clothes, tiaras, jewellery anything really. I have also sold quite alot of my wares which is why I decided to set up my own little business online.
Anyway, this was easier than I thought so before I get carried away I guess I best get back to listing more items in my shop.
Look forward to selling my goods and meeting new people along the way.